Taiwan Milk (Jin Xuan) Oolong


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Other names: Nai Xian Jin Xuan
This is a sweet, lightly-roasted semiball-rolled style oolong produced in the Nantou region of Taiwan from a particular tea bush cultivar – Jin Xuan (Tai Cha #12) – which is a new successful breed developed by the Taiwan Tea Experiment Station in 1981. In some tea growing regions, the flavour of this tea is transformed into a soft, creamy, 'milky' flavour. [Note: It is important to understand that absolutely no milk is involved in the production of real Taiwan 'milk' tea.]
Using traditional methods, the tea leaves are expertly hand-picked and processed by the farmer. The beautiful leaves are blue-green, tightly rolled and lightly oxidised, but their appearance gives no indication of the flavours they generate.
Take one sniff of the leaves and you will be transported back to your childhood. Despite the fact that the leaves contain no actual milk, the aroma is similar to the milky sweetness of milk candies (like White Rabbit or Milk Shakes). This milk fragrance is called "nai xiang" in Chinese and is obtained by lightly roasting the leaves.
The tea brews into a clear yellow infusion that tastes delicious. Like other tightly rolled oolongs, this Milk Oolong withstands multiple infusions.

Summer 2017

Sweet, smooth and fruity with milk fragrance.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g
Bulk: 1kg

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