Epic Guayusa




Part Indiana Jones, part Lu Yu (Chinese Herbalist), this blend is your ticket to adventure.
It is packed with three powerful leaves: Amazon Guayusa (Ecuador), Yerba Mate (Argentina) and Ginseng Oolong (China).
Ginseng Oolong is a popular Chinese remedial tea known to aid digestion, enhance physical and mental stamina, assist in combating stress and fatigue, and boost the immune system. The tea is made by rolling lightly oxidised oolong leaves and coating them in liquorice and ginseng.The result? A 'run down your throat' sweetness that lingers. When combined with the South American herbals, Guayusa and unsmoked Mate (both known for their energy boosting and high antioxidant properties) you really couldn't ask for more in a beverage.

Amazon Guayusa (wild-grown) from Ecuador, Yerba Mate (unsmoked) from Brazil, Ginseng Oolong (Camellia Sinensis, liquorice, ginseng) from China.

Full-flavoured with earth and woodsy notes, becoming sweet and tingly on the tongue.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 50g

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