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Dark (Pu'erh / Heicha)

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This is an entry-level pu'erh from Haiwan Tea Factory in Yunnan Province. Its deep, smooth flavour is created through an artisanal pile fermentation process that transforms sun-dried green tea into ripened, full-bodied pu'erh tea.
Lightly compressing the tea into mini-bricks makes for convenient brewing. No need for breaking up a tea cake or measure the amount of tea leaves, the bricks are great for enjoying tea in the office or away from home. If stored correctly, this tea will improve with age. 

Smooth and rich with a sweet malty aftertaste.

Sample: 16g (4x mini-bricks)
Medium: 40g (10x min-bricks)

Additional Information: Ripe pu'erh is prepared in much the same manner as a green tea but after processing it is piled high, undergoing a fermentation process that could last up to 60 days before the leaves are packed into cakes or bricks. Ripe pu'erh is usually characterised by pronounced earthy notes of mushrooms, dirt, wood, tobacco or moss. Dark chocolate, leather, tar, honey, camphor, cream, rose or sweet jujube date flavours and aromas are also common in ripe (shu) pu'erh. It is usually much darker in colour and less caffeinated than raw (sheng) pu'erh. If ripe pu'erh is "yang", raw pu'erh is "yin" and often enjoyed for it's grounding, calming and centering effects. Ripe pu'erh is said to be warming to the stomach and spleen channels in Chinese Medicine thereby aiding in digestion.

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