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Himalaya Emerald Green is a unique green tea from the Ilam tea-growing region situated in the far east of Nepal that just may become the jewel in your tea collection. Why? Because it straddles the line between a green and a white.

Emerald Green is is skillfully made from the hand plucked tender buds and leaves of tea plants grown in an un-spoilt environment. Soon after plucking, they are bought to the factory with extreme care and steamed so that they are not left to 'oxidise.' They undergo very little processing from this point, which means the pristine leaves are largely intact.

The dried leaves are slightly twisted, both wiry and silky to the touch, with a sweet, faintly vegetal aroma. The infused leaves are light yellow-green and highly aromatic with fruit and flower notes and vegetal undertones. The liquor is clean and bright, a pale and sparkling-fresh yellow-green. It has a nicely rounded sweetness, followed by a refreshing aftertaste that is common with high-altitude green teas.

Spring 2016

Mild with notes of fruits and flowers and accents of lime. Refreshing.

Sample: 10g 
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g


Additional information: This tea originates from an organic tea garden called Aarubotay (Plum Tree), located at an altitude of 2000-metres above sea level in the misty hills of Pashupati Nagar in the Ilam region. The tea bushes are a combination of Japanese, Chinese and 'Clonal' varieties. The tea farm goes beyond traditional Nepalese practice with all the machinery, technology and expertise imported from Japan. The tea farm encourages bio-diversity and practices sustainable farming methods.

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