Yunnan Wild Purple (Ye Sheng) Black*


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This rare black tea was crafted using a purple leaf varietal (Ye Sheng) that grows wild in the mountainous areas west of Feng Qing township in Yunnan Province.

The leaves are lightly wilted and processed, resulting in some residual green, but are generally dark and wiry.

This tea needs to be contemplated…Close your eyes and gently inhale the scent of apricot and rose. Now sip. The taste is full and robust with sweet and fruity tones, a touch of chocolate and caramel, and aged rum with spice. There is a lingering returning flavour that is pleasant on the palate.

Wild Purple Black is a glorious treat for both a Yunnan tea enthusiast and for someone who has never tasted a wild, old-tea-tree-varietal.

Spring 2017


Hints of fruit, chocolate and barrel aged rum. A little like Christmas!

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g

*Wild-grown / Pesticide-free

Additional information: Ye Sheng is a primeval varietal that pre-dates Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica and is a naturally occuring non-hybridised varietal. It's potency in cha qi arises from it's unadulterated nature. It is naturally bug repellent, grows wild in the forests of Yunnan at an altitude of 2,000-2,200 metres.

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