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Green tea lovers enjoy variety, and that's why this sampler is a great fit when you're looking to go green. Relying on moist steam heat during manufacture, Japanese green teas are distinctly different than those of China. Japanese tea or "ocha" has a characteristic fresh grassy taste and aroma, with hints of ocean mist from this island nation.
Tea was originally brought to Japan by Buddhist monks during the Song dynasty, after which Japan developed their own unique styles. They invented green tea powder, Matcha, used in tea ceremonies, as well as perfecting roasted green tea, such as Hojicha. The everyday Japanese teas are arguably Sencha, a sweet green tea when brewed properly, and Genmaicha, also called "popcorn tea", which blends loose green tea with roasted rice.
These organic loose tea samplers are an excellent way to explore Japanese tea, and make an excellent gift.

What's included?
Organic Sencha Premium or Sencha Everyday
Organic Genmaicha
Organic Hojicha
Kyoto Matcha Everyday

Additional information: Every year in Japan, a massive amount of tea has to be produced, often through the use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilisers. Our Japanese teas are sourced from a natural organic tea farm located 450-metres above sea level at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture. The tea is certified organic by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standand), EC (Eurpean Commission), and American NOP (National Organic Program).

Reviewer comments:
"OMG. Loving the teas, they are absolutely stunning. I’m hooked." ~ Cathy, Henderson

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