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Chocolate and tea are an amazing duo: they bring out the best in each other. The natural tannins in cocoa prime the palate for the tannins in the tea, allowing the other flavours in the tea to shine. When selecting teas for tasting with chocolate, there are three options: enhance (choose a tea with similar flavour to the chocolate), complement (characteristics that are different but complement each other) or contrast (flavours and characteristics that "agitate"
each other).

The Chocolate: The organic and fairtrade chocolate, hand-crafted by La Petite Chocolat in Hastings, has a pure ingredients list which means mouthwateringly good flavour.

The Tea: Our specialty loose leaf tea is sourced from the remotest corners of the globe - Nepal, China, Taiwan, Japan, Greece and Northern Thailand. Mostly pure origin, the teas are delicious on their own...let alone paired with chocolate. Try your hand at matching the teas with chocolate to find your best flavour combination.

What's included?

  • Tasting instructions - learn how to use tea to enhance, complement or contrast the flavours of the chocolate.
  • 3 x 10g of specialty loose-leaf tea
  • 2 x 70g bar of Le Petite Chocolat hand-crafted chocolate (flavours may include Milk Chocolate, Single Origin Extra Dark 80% Cacao from Ecuador, Lemon & Sea Salt in 37% Milk Chocolate, Coffee in Dark 66% Cacao from Sao Tome, Dark Ginger and Mandarin, Dark Peppermint, Orange & Toasted Sesame Seeds in 58% Dark Chocolate).
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