Yunnan 2007 Haiwan Ripe Pu'erh Mini-Tuocha with Rose (Mei Gui Hua)




Mini-tuocha are produced in China's Yunnan Province; the name Pu'erh comes from the province's southern region where the tea was originally traded. Haiwan Tea Factory use high quality ripe pu'erh leaves and compress them with a perfect amount of rose into the classic tuocha or "nest" shape. The depression in the tea allows it to dry more quickly and be broken more easily later.
These mini-tuos are popular with Chinese women as rose is capable of soothing the mood, enriching blood and qi, improving looks, caring for skin, regulating the functions of liver and stomach, eliminating fatigue, and improving physical fitness. When combined with pu'erh tea, it can also help digestion and burn excess fat.
When preparing the first infusions of the tea, a delicate rose scent opens the heart for the tea spirit to warm and soothe.

A complex mellow earthy flavour with a subtle touch of rose.

Sample: 16g (4 x mini-tuo)
Medium: 60g (16 x mini-tuo)

Additional Information: Ripe (shu) pu'erh is prepared in much the same manner as a green tea but after processing it is piled high, undergoing a fermentation process that could last up to 60 days before the leaves are packed into cakes or bricks. Ripe pu'erh is usually characterised by pronounced earthy notes of mushrooms, dirt, wood, tobacco or moss. Dark chocolate, leather, tar, honey, camphor, cream, rose or sweet jujube date flavours and aromas are also common in ripe pu'erh. It is usually much darker in colour and less caffeinated than raw (sheng) pu'erh. If ripe pu'erh is "yang", raw pu'erh is "yin" and often enjoyed for it's grounding, calming and centering effects. Ripe pu'erh is said to be warming to the stomach and spleen channels in Chinese Medicine thereby aiding in digestion.

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