Yunnan Discovery Pack



Take a journey down the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

This sampler pack offers a novel way to experience fascinating teas from the historic tea-growing region of Yunnan Province in China. Yunnan teas are loved for the unique character, rich, bold flavours and cha qi (energy) they impart to the drinker.

We give you an option to try 10 grams of five premium, hand-picked and expertly processed teas -- from white to fermented. Ancient and wild-grown teas are featured. Enjoy the naturally potent health benefits of Yunnan teas and enjoy a walk on the wild side.

What's included*?

  • 2007 Haiwan Ripe Pu'erh Mini-Tuocha with Rose (Mei Gui Hua)
  • Yunnan Purple Beauty Green
  • Yunnan Golden Snail (Bi Luo Chun) or Imperial Golden Needle
  • Yunnan Wild Purple Black (Ye Sheng)
  • Yunnan Imperial Silver Needle or Wild Purple Moonlight (Ye Sheng) 
*Note: Some options may change depending on teas in stock.

Reviewer comments:
"Many thanks for the tea, which I saved for my birthday and have started to enjoy. I especially appreciated the extra samples - how wonderful! I'm quite astonished at the variety and complexity of the flavours. Such a treat." ~ Annie, Whangarei
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