Yunnan Imperial Silver Needle - LIMITED STOCK!




Silver Needle is revered as one of the top ten famous Chinese teas. Yet our Imperial Yunnan Silver Needle was grown in Yunnan province. This variety of tea tree (Da Bai Hao from the Assamica family) only grows in Jinggu area. Hand-plucked in the Spring harvest, the large buds are slightly wilted before being pan-fried and left to dry naturally. This relatively unadulterated style of processing lends the tea a delightfully fruity taste and aroma that even with a year or two of age will still taste thick, viscous and full in the mouth. It has a distinct sweetness and smooth texture that sets it apart from Fujian grown Silver Needle teas.

Autumn 2015

An enticing bouquet of apple, pear with citrus and hay - sweet and smooth like a good white wine.


Sample: 10g 
Medium: 30g 
Large: 50g

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