Glass Teapot (150ml - Gong Fu)




This apprentice teapot is ideal for someone just starting out on their exploration of loose leaf teas using the Chinese gong fu technique. Manufactured with heat-tempered blown glass, the pot allows you to observe the leaves as they open and to gain better understanding of the leaf-water interaction within the pot. While it will not produce as nice a cup of tea as good clay or stoneware, it is a great way to start your tea exploration.

150ml capacity
Removable spring filter
Ideal for white and green teas, and lightly oxidised oolongs

Additional information: Gong Fu Cha translates to "tea with great skill". Unlike wine drinkers who learn about vines and vintages, the tea-maker must make what they drink, which requires not just knowledge but skill in selecting and using their tools. A glass teapot is the ideal way to begin practicing this technique. Clay (Yixing) teapots are recommended for tea-makers who have some experience as the teapot allows for better extraction of flavours. A good handmade Yixing starts at around $150.

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