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This rare roasted green tea is hand-crafted in Fire Pool village, a small Yi Minority settlement in the Wu Liang mountains in Zhenyuan county of Simao (altitude of 2200 metres).

The leaf is precious and Yi farmers take great pride in maintaining their traditional tea plantings so that this (and other unique teas) can continue to be manufactured. Using traditional techniques, the spring leaves are harvested, fried briefly, rolled, wilted and then finally baked in clay jars in a wood fire. The resulting tea comprises dark green twisted leaves.The aroma of the dry leaf is wood, sweet roasted nuts, dry cocoa, against a distinct greenness. Visualise a deep forest, campfire, and bitter chocolate. The leaves brew an aromatic tea soup that is gold in colour with a gem-like clarity. The flavour is pure and potent, and consistent over several infusions.

Spring 2015

Fruity with toasted notes, pure and strong without any dryness.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 150g

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