Himalaya Golden Black



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Of all the Nepal's teas, this one whips the wind in the flags up on the high mountain.
Himalaya Golden Black is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in the eastern region of Nepal. The gardens are draped in pure air and imbued with crystalline water. Just the bud is hand-plucked from the finest tea plants. After arrival at the factory, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly long, narrow twisted leaves, dark amber hued, woven with golden down.
The liquor is a distinctive rich golden colour that emanates a bouquet of malt and flowers. It has a mouth-filling body that only a high altitude-grown tea can have and is perfect for those who enjoy a black tea with no astringency. On the palate the leaves deliver clean, lively front notes with a malt and stone fruit flavour. A floral pollen note and a hint of spice hang on the finish.

Spring 2016

Bright and flavourful with a lovely balance of malt, stone fruits, flowers, and a hint of spice.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g

Reviewer Comments:
"Enjoying this immensely!" Gary, Wellington

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