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Add a personal touch to your tea assortment by creating your own sampler pack.
Whether you're new to tea or have been drinking tea for years, a sampler pack is perfect for expanding your knowledge and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Let your mind wander to the far edges of the world as your palate explores each rare tea. The diverse flavours, aromas, and appearance of the leaves will amaze you. Each sip will transport you to the tea gardens -- from the deep Amazon in Ecuador and the dwelling place of the Titans in Greece, to China's Yunnan and Fujian Provinces, where the craft of tea has been perfected for thousands of years.

What's included?
10g of any five premium, hand-picked and expertly processed teas - from white to fermented. Organic, ancient and wild-grown teas are featured, as are herbals. (Please add your selection as a note when you check out.)

Reviewer comments:
"I enjoyed being able to taste a selection of your teas with the sampler packs. In particular I liked the Sencha Premium, Sticky Rice Oolong, and Jasmine Oolong." ~ Mark, Takaka

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