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Japan's everyday green tea, Sencha (literally "steamed tea"), can be one of the most satisfying beverages on earth, simultaneously soothing and invigorating.
Green tea was first imported from China, and later adopted by local Japanese farmers. Unlike the Chinese, Japanese green tea is first steamed for between 15-45 seconds to prevent oxidisation of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped, and dried. This step creates the customary thin cylindrical shape of the tea. Finally, after drying, the leaves are fired to aid in their preservation and to add flavour.
This particular lightly steamed Sencha is grown in full sun at an altitude of 450-metres at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture. The misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights create an idyllic environment for the tea plant. No chemicals are used in the growing or processing of the tea.
Sencha Everyday offers a very good quality-to-price ratio for those who want a light-bodied green tea for drinking or fermenting.

Spring 2018

Mellow with a gentle refreshing aroma.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g
Bulk: 1kg

*Organic: JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard), EC (Eurpean Commission), and American NOP (National Organic Program).

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