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Other names: Chin-hsin, Qing Xin
One of Taiwan's most esteemed teas, Chin Xing Oolong comes from a small tea farm in the mountainous region of Alishan in the south of Taiwan. In this area, the Chin Xing cultivar dominates. The high altitude (1100-1300 metres), cool damp mountain air, and the rich dark soil offer ideal conditions for the slow growing cultivar; one of the original cultivars chosen by the Japanese to grow in Taiwan.
Like most high mountain oolong teas, the leaves are carefully plucked by hand. Upon arrival at the factory the leaves are lightly-oxidised and rolled into nuggets using traditional processing techniques.
In the cup, a bright floral aroma will great the taster and prepare the taste buds for a refreshing honeysuckle flavour with a silky smooth finish. This is a quality Alishan that highlights the easy-drinking character of this terroir's teas.

Summer / July 2018

Strong floral aroma with smooth creamy taste.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g

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