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Elevate your tea experience.
This sampler pack offers a novel way to experience artisan teas from the emerging tea regions of Ilam and Dhankuta in Eastern Nepal.
Despite the challenges of life in Nepal, high in the mountains is an environment perfectly suited to cultivating fine teas. It encourages the tea bushes to grow slowly, which produces better, more complex flavours. The high altitude combined with a long dormant season for the tea bushes also creates high levels of antioxidants for more healthful tea.
We give you an option to try samples of five premium, hand-picked and expertly processed teas. Enjoy the fresh teas from the rooftop of the world.

What's included*?

Himalaya Elixir (Spring) Black
Himalaya Floral Black
Himalaya Green Pine
Himalaya Smoked Green or Himalaya Spice
Himalaya Exotic White

*Note: Some options may change depending on teas in stock.

Kraft Pouches: 10g of each tea
Glass Vials: 6g-20g of each tea (volume dependent)

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