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Taiwan produces some of the most flavourful teas in the world, but has gained notoriety for its flowery oolongs. Each Taiwanese oolong has a unique bouquet and smooth mouth-feel that will satisfy the most discerning gourmet.
The high quality of Taiwan tea is attributed to a number of factors, the most significant being it's subtropical climate and mountainous terrain. The cool yet moist air causes the tea to grow slowly and produces plants with leaves that are robust, thick, and soft.
We give you an option to try 10 grams of five hand-picked and expertly processed teas - ranging from lightly-oxidised oolong to fully-oxidised black. In addition, we have added one of Taiwan's favourite floral teas - a lightly-oxidised oolong blended with Osmanthus blossom.

What's included*?
Milk (Jin Xuan) Oolong
Alishan Chin Xing Oolong or Hong Shui Oolong
Fragrant Green (Bi Luo Chun)
Osmanthus Oolong
Ruby Black (Hong Yue)

*Note: Some options may change depending on teas in stock.

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