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Imagine drinking tea to relieve anxiety and stress!
GABA is the nickname for gamma-amino butyric acid — an amino acid that regulates muscle tone and nervous excitability. GABA acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it blocks nerve impulses. While small amounts of naturally-occurring GABA are present in most tea, its concentration can be increased by a nitrogen-rich steaming process first developed in Japan in 1984.
This rare Taiwanese GABA Black (Mi Xian Black) is a hand-plucked tea from the famous Alishan mountainous region in Taiwan. The tightly rolled balls yield a liquor somewhat similar to an aged, well-oxidised oolong with more subtle notes. If you fancy having a bit of a wildcard in your cupboard, then pick some up.

Summer 2017

Smooth, naturally sweet honey and bakery flavour with hints of cherry.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g

Reviewer Comments:
"Easy way to pay quick and arrived super quick - sitting down now enjoying my tea!!" ~ Libby, Lower Hutt

Additional information: GABA tea has an abundant amount of health benefits. Some would even describe GABA as a ‘super tea’.

ANTI-ANXIETY, DE-STRESS: GABA is a chemical that your body produces to keep the brain calm, control blood pressure and manage stress. High levels of GABA prevent an over-active nervous system by blocking excessive levels of nerve signal transmissions that cause anxiety-related health issues. Not enough GABA in your brain can lead to epilepsy, seizures, convulsions, Huntington’s disease and Parkinsonism.

ANTI-INSOMNIA: GABA's calming effect can aid a deeper sleep and help combat sleep disorders. Drink an hour before bedtime.

ANTI-CANCER: GABA tea can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In particular GABA has been studied for its ability to reduce airway-derived lung cancer.

LOWERS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: GABA is your body's own tranquillizer and is known for its role in lowering blood pressure. 

PREVENTS DIABETES: GABA lowers blood sugar in your body by encouraging the production of insulin and secretion of insulin from the pancreas, preventing the risk of diabetes.

STRONG MENTAL HEALTH: GABA aids in memory retention, improves overall mental alertness and aids the development of learning abilities.

STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: GABA improves the plasma concentration by helping your body to fight diseases and avert many health problems.

ANTI-AGEING: GABA tea can be used as a natural beauty supplement to prevent inflammation of the skin and improve skin elasticity, thus working as an anti-ageing agent.

HANGOVERS: Uses of GABA have included the treatment of alcohol-related problems. It is great for relieving hangovers!

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