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This is an entirely new breed of tea that hails from the far southwest of China in Yunnan Province. The Purple Beauty (Zi Juan) varietal is a plantation-type tea plant growing in the Jingmai mountainous area. It is known to produce higher than normal levels of a purple pigment known as anthocyanin, which have certain health benefits. Spring buds sprout in late-February with the full set (one bud and three leaves) being plucked in late March and early April.

Although a roasted green tea, by all appearances Purple Beauty looks like a black tea with dark slightly twisted leaves. The aroma is unique, with a smoky, earthy, vegetal pungency being at the forefront. The tea liquor is a grey-purple colour and the brewed leaves of this varietal remain dark even after many infusions. This tea shares a lot of common flavor traits with a young Sheng Pu'Erh tea, but without the bitterness. The tea is packed with cha qi, like many teas from this area of China.


Spring 2016


Smooth and vegetal drifting into a mild smokiness with flowers, fruits and earthiness to finish.

Additional information: In 1985, technical staff from the Yunnan Tea Research Institute discovered a tea tree with purple buds, leaves, and stalk among the institutes' plantation of over 600,000 trees. They processed its fresh leaves to produce a dark green roasted tea. The dried tea had a purple colour and maintained this colour in its brewed tea liquor. It also possessed a pure fragrance and a strong, intense flavour. Because of the tea's purple buds, leaves, and stems and the fact that it maintained this purple colour after processing, they named the tea "Purple Beauty." Through research and further cultivation, this variant has given rise to current Purple Beauty tea trees.

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