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Fancy an adventure to a remote corner of Asia? Put your passport away because we've sourced the perfect chocolate and tea combination for you to enjoy at home. This fantastic pairing shares similar terroir ("sense of place") with resulting notes of fruits and spice -- and, of course, cacao!

The Chocolate: Made with beans from Dong Nai province in Vietnam this is one of Marou's more understated chocolates. The thick dark chocolate is buttery and smooth with a warming, if slightly spicy profile. A drop of cream and a hint of malt add depth. We detected some fruit hiding beneath the surface, as well as ginger and clove.

The Tea: This rare black tea was crafted using a wild tree purple leaf varietal (Ye Sheng) that grows wild in the mountainous areas west of Feng Qing township in Yunnan province at an altitude of 2000-2200 metres. The taste is full and robust with sweet and fruity tones, a touch of chocolate and caramel, and aged rum with spice. There is a lingering returning flavour that is pleasant on the palate.

What's included?

  • 30g of Yunnan Wild Purple Black loose-leaf tea
  • 80g bar of MAROU Dong Nai 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate

*Single-origin dark chocolate bars have unique taste profiles due to the influence of the soil, the climate, and the other vegetation grown around the cacao tree throughout its development, much like tea and wine.

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