Yunnan 2014 Menghai Raw Pu'erh Tuocha (7542) | Low Stock!

Dark (Pu'erh / Heicha)


7542 is the Menghai Tea Factory's most popular raw pu'erh recipe. It is the perfect blend of thick tender leaves and fine young tips.
The surface of the raw cake is a dark fresh green. When steeped, the leaves give a vibrantly rich but subtle liquor that breathes hints of smokiness and finishes with the gentle sweetness of apricots and peaches. The wet leaves are green and glossy with a good even size. Left to age, the flavour of this classic pu'erh will undergo rich and complex changes well worth waiting for.

Tuocha: 100g

Additional information: In China, the Menghai Tea Factory's 7542 is publicly acknowledged as the measure of quality all raw pu'erh should aspire to.

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