Himalaya Elixir (Spring) Black*


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An inspirational fully oxidised black tea from the venerable Jun Chiyabari, a small and exclusive tea estate located in the eastern hills of Nepal.
This tea has it all – skillful plucking, careful manufacture, and an impressive and very long-lasting taste and aroma in the cup. It represents a new trend for some tea gardens, which is to focus on high-end, exclusive micro batches of tea. The quality of leaf in early spring is very high and just right to turn young, juicy leaves with an abundance of flavour and vigorous aroma into delicious tea.
Himalaya Elixir has a indulgent honey sweet taste with lingering milk chocolate and light roast notes.It gives long lasting after taste, with fresh floral flavour and muscatel undertones.
It will re-steep numerous times (short steeps) or you can leave the leaf in the water for a long time and enjoy an incredibly rich, deeply-flavoured tea. It is a very user-friendly tea that will delight the eye, the nose, and the palate.

First Flush / Spring 2017

Aromatic with notes of roasted chocolate, smooth and sweet on the palate.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g
Bulk: 1kg

*Organic (EU and USDA)  / Natural Farming

Additional information: High in the Himalayas in the eastern region of Nepal lies the tiny but extraordinarily beautiful Jun Chiyabari estate. The name Jun Chiyabari means “Moonlit Tea Garden.” The tea comes from small plots between 1,650-2,100 metres above sea level, where the plants grow slowly but with intense flavours. Within and between these small plots on the hilly slopes are forests, bamboo groves, rocky boulders, brooks and streams. This is the terroir which makes Jun Chiyabari teas unique. The plots are naturally farmed, and leaves are plucked by hand by locals. The tea is processed using a combination of traditional and modern techniques with a focus on small-batch and artisan lots. The factory manager, Morris Orchard, is a third generation Nepali tea planter whose grandfather came from Britain to plant tea. Morris has a great respect for the land, the tea, and the small team he works with.

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