Japanese Kyoto Matcha Everyday




Kyoto Matcha is prepared from young green tea leaves grown in Uji, Kyoto's famous tea town and the birthplace of the Japanese tea ceremony.
The tea leaves are shaded for three weeks in order to increase chlorophyll, which is what makes our Matcha so nutrient-rich. After plucking and processing, the stems, stalks and veins are removed so that only the greenest part of the leaf is left. Finally the leaf is ground into a powder by traditional stone mills, then shipped in small batches to ensure freshness.
This Everyday (culinary-grade) version is ideal for the Matcha maniac. Smoothies. Baking. Porridge. Kombucha. Face masks. Or just feeding your Matcha latte addiction.

Mild, mellow with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Kraft pouch: 25g
Glass vial: 25g - sold out!

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