Japanese Sencha Cold-Brew*



Chilled green tea is cooling to the eye, the tongue, the body. In a glass, the translucent green liquid is like a plunge into the cool waters of freshwater pond.
Tea leaves release their tannin, tea's naturally astringent element, only at 60 degrees or above. So infusing green tea leaves with cold water draws out an innate sweetness. Add one cold-brew bag to one-litre of water and leave 30 minutes. As tea strength is a question of individual preference, steeping time should be adjusted to your taste. Enjoy with ice or as a (sweet-as!) base for Kombucha.

Thick body with sweet grass and a slightly roasted (approaching coffee bean) background.

Medium: 80g (8g x 10 bags)

*Certified organic by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standand), EC (Eurpean Commission), and American NOP (National Organic Program).

Additional information: Every year in Japan, a massive amount of tea has to be produced, often through the use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilisers. Our Japanese teas are sourced from a natural organic tea farm located 450-metres above sea level at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

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