Yunnan Black Osmanthus Dragon Ball


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These handcrafted dragon balls combine two incredible ingredients - Yunnan "Yi Mei Ren" Black and premium Osmanthus flowers.
The black tea base is named "Yi Mei Ren" as its made from Wu Liang Mountain material, an area inhabited primarily by Yi Minority people. Assamica leaves are hand-plucked, then wilted and oxidised like a black tea, but for a longer period of time with several intervals of vigorously shaking the leaves.
Yi Mei Ren is combined with just enough Osmanthus flower so that the floral does not over-power. When infused, the liquor is a deep gold colour with chocolate and fruity/floral notes. 

Spring 2017

Slightly floral with cinnamon and an underlying chocolate-honey flavour

Sample: 8g (1 x dragon ball)

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