Yunnan 2014 Haiwan Raw Pu'erh Mini-Tuocha

Dark (Pu'erh / Heicha)

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This is an entry-level pu'erh from Haiwan Factory in Yunnan Province. This is the raw (sheng) type of pu'erh characterized by a lighter and more refreshing flavor than the ripe (shu) type.
Lightly compressing the tea into the nest shape makes for convenient brewing. No need for breaking up a tea cake or measure the amount of tea leaves, these tuochas are great for enjoying tea in the office or away from home. If stored correctly, this tea will improve with age.  
Note: Don't underestimate mini-tuocha teas. One piece can easily steep you several pots of tea. Try to notice differences in flavour between the different steeps.

Delicate and refreshing.

Sample: 8g (2 x mini-tuocha)
Medium: 80g (10x mini-tuocha)

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