Yunnan 2018 Golden Bud (Jin Ya) Ripe Pu'erh*

Dark (Pu'erh / Heicha)


Golden Bud (aka Jin Ya) is a fine tippy grade of tea. It is noted for it's golden hue, which indicates it is primarily made up of buds. 

Material for this cake were harvested from Lincang (Mengku) in Spring 2017, then expertly wet-piled in a small tea factory in Menghai. The taste and aroma will improve gradually over the next decade or more. As the wet-pile taste dissipates and the unique delicate character of this tea reveals itself, it will become one of the most unique and enjoyable ripe pu'erhs in your collection.

Spring 2017, pressed: August 2018 (year of the dog)

Smooth and fruity, with a slightly bitter dark chocolate after-finish.

Sample: 30g

*Pesticide-free (meets EU requirements)

**If you are interested in purchasing a full cake (375g), please email

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