Japanese Hojicha*




Coffee lovers rejoice! Hojicha is produced from the sun-grown Japanese green tea known as Bancha, and is slow roasted over charcoal to yield a rich aromatic brew. (It takes a fair amount of skill to prevent the leaves from burning or smoking.)

Hojicha should be brewed with hotter water than other Japanese green tea (about 90 degrees) to extract the richness of flavor. And don't be afraid to use a little more leaf by volume than you would for other green teas as the Hojicha leaves are bigger and lighter.

Hojicha has been shown to contain a very low level of caffeine in studies and so it is a great tea for the evening or those that want to reduce caffeine intake (including children).

First Flush / Spring 2018

Sweet, bold flavour with notes of coffee, nuts and caramel. Low-caffeine.

Sample: 10g
Large: 100g

*Organic: JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard), EC (Eurpean Commission), and American NOP (National Organic Program). This tea originates in Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan.

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