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Other names: No.18 or Red Jade
This famous tea from Taiwan was as a result of a tea cultivar breeding scheme started over 50 years ago. It is a broad leaf tea cultivar yielding a tea infusion with a natural cinnamon fragrance and rich molasses and cherry flavour. The source of this enchanting fragrance and flavour was from its female parent, the Taiwan wild mountain tea from Sun Moon Lake. The male parent was that of a Assam cultivar introduced by the Japanese during the war.
In 2003, the Taiwan Research & Extension Station (TRES) gave the name 'Ruby' to this tea due to its luminescent reddish-ochre infusion. It is distinct among the thousands of black tea strains in the world. Its special fragrance lingers and leaves you unable to forget its aroma and flavour for a very long time.
Ruby Black is best savoured in the ancient tradition of bowl tea.

Rich with subtle hints of cherry, clove, cinnamon and mint in its complex composition.

Summer / July 2017

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g
Large: 100g
X-Large: 500g
Bulk: 1kg

Additional information: Sun Moon Lake is a stunning area of natural interest that is shrouded in mist and legend. The story of how the lake got its name involves a couple who were corn farmers. One day the sun and moon vanished from the sky leaving the villagers in darkness and unable to keep their plants alive. The couple bravely went off to find them and discovered two dragons had stolen them for playthings. The couple retrieved the sun and moon from the lake at the top of mountain bringing life back to their village.

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