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Ever wanted to visit the Amazon, but don't fancy the fear factor? This leaf is as close to the authentic heart of the Amazon rainforest as you can get without making the expedition yourself. The native Jivaro word for brewed Guayusa (why-you-suh) is 'Night Watchman,' presumably because it made their night watchmen less-prone to becoming anaconda food. This leaf contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, yet more antioxidants and polyphenols than green tea. Less like herbal tea, more like rocket fuel.

The jungle - earth, green plant, with a woodsy/smoky aroma and mild sweetness.

Sample: 10g
Large: 100g

*Wild-grown / Pesticide-free

Additional information: Guayusa is an Amazonian super-leaf naturally packed with caffeine, polyphenols, and 15 essential amino acids. There are no tannins in Guayusa, so it lacks the astringent, bitter taste sometimes associated with green and black teas. The herb (Ilex Guayusa) is grown in biodiverse agroforestry plots, or chakras. To the untrained eye, these 'forest gardens' look like pristine natural rainforest, though, to the farmers who cultivate them, they are highly managed agricultural plots combining a diverse mix of plants. Guayusa is a shade-grown plant – meaning it needs the shade of other trees to fully develop – and flourishes in this setting. The leaves are then solar-dried (no burning of wood involved).

This tea comes to your cup via a market-driven rainforest conservation and restoration project linking conscientious people worldwide who pay above market value prices to indigenous farmers and who are dedicated to protecting the most bio-diverse ecosystems on our planet.

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