Kombucha Starter Kit



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An easy and cost-effective kit for making your very own Kombucha at home! Our kits are made to order so you can be assured your culture is fresh and healthy. Get started on your fermenting journey today!

>> Note: SCOBYs are grown to order so that you receive a fresh culture. This process typically takes 5-7 days (weather dependent).

What's included:
One healthy SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)
Starter liquid
30g of high-grade loose-leaf tea >> please select your preference from the dropdown list
Recipe to start brewing >> sent electronically after purchase

Reviewer comments:
"Wonderful from start to finish. Thanks very much for all your help with fermenting." ~ Stephen, Mt Wellington
"Amazing service and quality products. The instructions were great and I have already had success brewing!!" ~ Tessa, Auckland
"Product arrived in a few days well packaged and in good condition. Thanks very much." ~ Duane, Pokeno
"Love my kombucha made with your kit after your amazing class." ~ Tracey, Howick
"Very healthy kombucha and it's been 10 days growing so well." ~ Nam, Hibiscus Coast
"Perfect product, couldn't be happier!" ~ Kes, Auckland

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