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Big Red Robe or Da Hong Pao is the most famous of all Chinese oolongs. According to Chinese legend, the Emperor's mother became very ill. Tea made from tea trees growing on the rocky cliffs in Fujian Province helped bring her back to health. The Emperor was so grateful that he ensured that the trees had red robes as thanks.
This Big Red Robe is wild-grown and handpicked at a staggering height of over 1,300-metres. What gives this tea such flavour, such incredible energy, such vitality is that it grows out of the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the famous WuYi Mountains. It is the surrounding environment that can make or break a tea and the environment of this tea is truly magical. Picture ancient, volcanic rock-face mountains, flowing emerald green rivers, rich bamboo and pine forests and the mystical fog that engulfs the mountains every morning.

Spring 2017

Special "rock" aroma, sweet and thick on the palate with notes of nuts, chocolate and flowers.

Sample: 10g
Medium: 30g

*Wild-grown / Pesticide-free

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