Tea may be the world's most favoured drink after only water, but there are few companies that provide an ample selection of authentic, high-quality, whole-leaf artisanal teas that represent the communities and cultures of the world. It's our goal to transform the accessibility of authentic tea.
We are excited to share our carefully curated portfolio of teas with you and to guide you on a journey of infusion, experience, and reflection. Tea represents the truest fruit of the land – each steeped in its own unique culture and tradition – and we believe these teas taste even better when shared with friends.
Whether you're new to tea or a long-time connoisseur, consider us companions on your tea journey.


Every tea has a story to tell, and we want you to experience your tea's journey. We're proud to work with farmers and estates to bring you the freshest and rarest teas. Many of our teas are as pure and natural as they come, harvested directly from the wild in ancient forests or high mountain "rare air" plantations untouched by pesticides.


Great tea isn't sleight of hand. Ordinary tea leaves can transform into a perfect cup of tea – if prepared properly. When you visit a tea estate, you're guaranteed a deep, aromatic infusion crafted by an experienced tea master. Now imagine you have access to that tea master in the convenience and comfort of your own home. We want to guide you in properly infusing your tea, so you can experience and delight in the sensory journey your cup has to offer.


The world is now accessible to everyone at any time, whether by foot or the click of a mouse. At Nomad HQ, we celebrate and share all cultures – especially through tea. Our goal is for you to experience new cultures, traditions, and rituals by experiencing the finest loose leaf teas the world has to offer.

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