Golden Lily


Taiwan JinXuan (Golden Lily) Oolong 

Garden: Xie Family Holding, Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cultivation: Organic
Harvest: Spring 2018 
Taste: Thick and creamy with sweet aftertaste
Size: 100g

The Jin Xuan 'Golden Lily' cultivar is well known by tea lovers around the world for its creamy and buttery flavour and mouthfeel. Hence, it often goes by the names: Milk or Milky Oolong.
But do be warned: It is often imitated with a different/cheaper cultivar that is combined with artificial (biscuit) flavouring. Also, don't believe the tea plant is fed milk or the leaves steamed over milk to obtain the creamy texture!
This genuine all-natural Golden Lily has a pronounced floral aroma and sweet lingering aftertaste that is very easily appreciated. When preparing the tea, do be aware lower water temperatures will bring out the creamy notes; hotter water temperatures will release more floral notes. 

Brewing Advice: 2-3 grams, 90 degrees, infuse for 120 seconds (multiple infusions)

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