Spring Bud


Yunnan Wild White Raw Pu'erh Bud

Garden: Dehong, Yunnan Province, China
Harvest: Spring 2018
Cultivation: Wild-grown
Taste: Delicate with elderflower, pine and fresh fruit
Size: 50g

Beautiful white buds picked from wild-grown tea trees have been sun-dried to create a flavour that is uncharacteristically fresh and some what fruity. The varietal is a camellia tea tree that grows in the tropical area of Dehong in Yunnan Province (Assamica Dehongensis).
The liquor is almost white and clean; the aroma offers hints of pine needles. The body of this tea is moderate since it only consists of the spring buds. Instead, it gives a sweet and layered flavour with lingering aftertaste. This is an unusual and refreshing pu'erh taste experience.

Brewing Advice: 4 grams, 100 degrees, rinse, 2 minutes (multiple infusions)

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