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Taiwan Osmanthus GABA Oolong

Garden: Xie Family Holding, Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cultivation: Organic
Harvest: Winter 2018 
Taste: Smooth and creamy with baked pastries and flowers, moving to sour fruitiness
Size: 100g

It's always fun to have a 'wild-card' tea in your collection.
The tea that forms the base of this blend hails from a small holding in Nantou County. While small amounts of naturally-occurring GABA are present in most tea, the tea master increases its concentration by alternating the leaves between air and a nitrogen-rich environment (no air) during the oxidisation process. 
The osmanthus flower is grown on the same farm.
When infused, the liquor has a buttery baked pastry sweetness upfront intermingled with florals. This is followed by slight sour fruitniness and lingering sweet aftertaste. This GABA literally causes you to sag in your chair after drinking it. 

Brewing Advice: 2-3 grams, 90-95 degrees, infuse for 120 seconds (multiple infusions)

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