Fragrant Leaf


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Taiwan Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring) Green
Garden: Jan An Tea Garden, Sanxia Township, Taiwan
Cultivation: Pesticide-free
Harvest: Winter 2019
Taste: Thick and vibrant with spring vegetables and elderflower
Size: 100g

Taiwan didn't have a history of making green teas, but thanks to the Chinese tea came to Taiwan in 1949. Today the most sought-after Sanxia is undoubtedly Bi Luo Chun, one of China's ten famous teas.
Fragrant Leaf is harvested in early spring when the leaves are young and tender. The pluck is one bud with two leaves. The dried leaf differs from the authentic Jiangsu Province tea – in fact, it is less snail-like, more strip-style, there is no downy hair and the leaves are larger. The scent of the leaves and taste is reminiscent of another Chinese green tea, Rizhao Xueqing (Snow Green) from Shandong Province. 
In many ways, Fragrant Leaf synthesizes fresh green tea taste with oolong body, a creaminess that isn't present in most green teas. 

Brewing Advice: 3 grams, 80 degrees, infuse for 2 minutes (multiple infusions)
*It is said that if you are preparing this tea, you should place the leaves on top of the water to watch it unfurl, rather than place it in the bottom of the tea pot. The tea leaves do not remain at the top of the water but slowly float down the cup like falling snowflakes. 

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