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Nepal 'Jun Chiyabari' Black

Garden: Jun Chiyabari, Hile, Dhankuta District, Nepal
Harvest: Spring 2017
Cultivation: Organic 
Taste: Rich and smooth, tonka bean and florals
Size: 100g

This exquisitely crafted organic black tea is an impressive and complex beverage for the true tea connoisseur. 
The dry leaf is twisted and mostly dark brown with a sprinkling of lighter leaves. The bouquet is flowers and chocolate. The liquor has a deep, round body is combined with notes of tonka bean (vanilla, cherry, almond, spice—a bit like cinnamon) and florals. The soft aftertaste fills the mouth and remains there for a quite long period of time.

Brewing Advice: 2-3g, 100°C, infuse for 3 minutes (multiple infusions)

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