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Daintree Black
Farm: Cubbagudta Plantation, Daintree Rainforest, Far North Queensland, Australia
Cultivation: Natural (pesticide-free)
Harvest: Spring 2019
Taste: Full-bodied with wood, nut, vanilla and raisins
Size: 200g

This loose-leaf tea makes the perfect morning cup, with its full-bodied strength and satisfying flavour. Grown in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest region in Far North Queensland the Nicholas family have been growing black tea since the 1970's. The area is called the Wet Tropics; a landscape of rainforest-clad mountains and raging rivers, connected by an endless canopy of green, which transitions through mangroves to long white-sandy beaches. An abundance of rainfall (the locals proclaim they measure the rainfall in meters not millimetres) and rich volcanic soils give the tea its unique rich flavour. Visualize the rich colours of the Australian red earth against expansive blue skies.

Brewing Advice: 2 grams, 95-100 degrees, infuse for 2-3 minutes (multiple infusions)

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