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Fujian 'Yin Hao' Green Tea + Jasmine Blossom
Garden: Fuding County, Fujian Province, China
Harvest: April/May (Spring) 2020
Cultivation: Pesticide-free
Taste: Soft, full-bodied and sweet with a lingering floral bouquet
Size: 100g

This is a sensual blend of Fuding "Yin Hao" (meaning Silver Tip or Silver Hair) green tea and jasmine blossoms grown in the same region.

The green tea is produced one month before Jasmine blooms. When the the jasmine blossoms finally open at dusk, they are quickly plucked and layered with the resting green tea. The blossoms are removed after each scenting, and this process is repeated until the tea leaves are fragrant. A sprinkling of dried blossoms are returned at the end of the processing for aesthetic value. 
It is recommended to infuse this tea in glass tea ware to enjoy the beauty of the leaves rising and falling in the water and creating an amazing dance.

Brewing Advice: 2-3g, 90 degrees, infuse for 1-2 minutes (multiple infusions)

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