Sun Moon Lake


Taiwan #18 Black
Farm: Zu Yu Tea Garden, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cultivation: Pesticide-free
Harvest: Summer 2019
Taste: Rich and malty with subtle hints of fruit and spice
Size: 100g

Sun-Moon Lake is a memorable black tea from Taiwan, made using the well known #18 cultivar which is a hybrid of the Assam tea plant and the wild tea tree that grows naturally in the mountain forests of Taiwan. The leaves are hand-plucked in small batches by farmers who have future generations in mind.Infused, its graceful leaves emanate smooth aromas of malt and tobacco. Lightly mentholated and generously fruity with notes of prune and raisin.Sun-Moon Lake is best savoured in the ancient tradition of bowl tea.

Brewing Advice: 2 grams, 100 degrees, infuse for 3 minutes (multiple infusions)

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